We are a Eastern European company and created this online store featuring model kits produced by manufacturers from the whole USSR region and distribute these items worldwide.

Tight relations with local manufacturers and distributors allow us to keep our inventory up to date and all items in stock. Also in case of the peak of sales or some accidents these contacts allow us to replenish inventory in short term.

So we would like to assure that all items listed on the site are in the stock or, in case of some accident any item isn't in stock we are able to get it from manufacturers quickly and process your order as soon as possible.

CCNow - Our authorised online retailer.
Why have we chosen CCNow? CCNow is one of the leading secure online checkout service companies. Since our client security from credit card fraud is number one priority for us, CCNow is the only processing center. Thus, all private information like your address and credit card numbers is being processed by CCNow only.

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